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A blog about dresses, fairness, colours, slow fashion, social contribution, learning and evolving

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Welcome to the colourful world of ARMONICA

- happy dresses for loved girls -

Hi, I am Monica Savu, the designer of the ARMONICA dresses. Pleased to meet you!

One thing that drove me to start doing what I do is that I want to see colours around me. Colours make me happy. As a landscape architect in Bucharest, Romania, I used to make combinations of different colours and textures. Then I started a flower design business where I played, again, with colours and textures. And then, "What else can I do?". Dresses, yes! I learnt how to sew and started making patterns and playful appliqués for the designs I created.

This is me with two of the loveliest girls wearing the Cactus Blouse, the Cactus Dress and the Castle Holiday Dress.

As more colour-loving people wanted these joyful clothes, I started collaborating with sewing studios in Romania for making the basic items. Still, the appliqués remained my part of the work and I continued making them and sewing each one on every dress. I made some for my own clothes, for moms, dads, babies and of course the plushy jumpers for both girls and boys - you can find dresses and jumpers in the shop, under the Cute Figures Collection.

Ethically Made

The dresses in the Sunshiny Collection are made in a sewing studio in Targoviste, Romania. It is important for me to have the dresses made in ethical working conditions. To know that Adina and her team are content with their work and payment. They did a good job with taking care of each detail of the dresses and I'm thankful for their effort and dedication.

We joined the Fashion Revolution Movement in their campaign "Who made my clothes?", and this is Adina. :)

I am grateful for everything that helped this new collection come out. I didn’t imagine something that I start in 2020 would make its way to you in 2 years, but life is full of surprises. I moved from Bucharest to Vienna as a beginner in German and needed time to settle in. As I found out on the way, starting a business here was not as easy as I expected - and I’m still learning.

My Mission

I wish for a world where the fashion industry has fair working conditions, is sustainable and friendly to the environment. This will need many hands to be joined, but for now I can start with MY part.

I can learn, make better choices, evolve, create a brand that respects people and the Planet and also brings colour and joy around. Since my new collection was made, I have already gained awareness of things that can be done better, so I'll tell you about it. I want to share with the world what I learn, as we can all inspire each other in discovering alternatives for a more sustainable living.

Join me in this adventure and let’s find out how we can make a change together.

Take care and see you soon :)


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