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Joy, fairness, responsibility, feeling good in our own skin, choosing to stand out, saying what we mean, evolving, accepting differences between us with kindness and compassion, following our curiosity, being playful. This is what we care about, here at ARMONICA.

I started this project in 2016 in Bucharest, out of a play with different colours and textures. My work in landscape architecture and flower design also used to combine colours and textures, in different ways. Now I continue this ride with fabric, aiming for fair and conscious choices.

My goal is to contribute to the Slow Fashion Movement by building a brand that respects people and the Planet and also brings colour and happiness around. It's a path of continuous learning and the only way to get involved in the big picture of making a change towards a sustainable fashion industry.

Our dresses are made in a sunny sewing studio in Romania. As I recently moved to Vienna, they came along, discovering new people and places. I was told they enhance the special and unique personality of each girl who wears them. And I'm sure they do.

Happiness comes from the inside, and we can spread it around through what we do, say, make or wear.

Let's bring together an extra spark of colour and joy into the world around us!

I'm Monica Savu, the ARMONICA happy dress designer. Glad to meet you. :)

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